Saturday, February 10, 2018

Shaking Up Valentine's Day - How To Enhance Your Holiday

What makes Valentine's Day a worthy "holiday"? What makes Valentine's Day any different from any other day that you go out on a date to dinner or a movie etc? If you're in a relationship, chances are that this is not the only day you're going out all year. So how do you make this date stand out as special?

From Halloween to Christmas, each holiday has it's own unique theme. The unique theme for Valentine's Day is of course, love and romance. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on this holiday.

So how can you make Valentine's Day extra special this year?

Why not try a little reciprocation this year? Why not use that equality to thank him for all of those years of going out of his way to make this day feel special for you, every year in a row - instead of expecting him to do most/all of the work yet again? Or if you're in a new relationship, show him that unlike other women, you don't take your man for granted.

Women: Don't Take Him For Granted, A Good Man Is Hard To Find & Hard To Keep! Most men don't ask for much yet they give everything they have. They deserve some recognition for that - especially during a time when romantic efforts by men are being demonized by a Feminist movement.

Imagine your man getting a poem like the following or an attitude and behavior that matches:

Chances are that most [modern] Western women have never or rarely ever said or done anything special like this for their men, unfortunately. So why not start now?

If you have a man that you love, cherish and respect - why not show him your appreciation this year?

Men's romance isn't the same as women's but they still deserve it too. 

Just like with Christmas, it's important to remember that:

LOVE is about giving not expecting.

Don't just expect him to treat you to something great because he's a man, 

surprise him by putting the focus on his wants and needs first,

and treating him to something great for a change. 

After all, if he doesn't deserve it at least this one day, then why are you even with him in the first place?