Friday, March 30, 2018

Why We Need To Stop Confusing "Radical Feminism" With "Feminism"

While some people see "Feminism" as a serious problem in Western Society, some people are under the impression that the real problem is with "Radical Feminism" and not "Feminism". Many people see "Radical/Modern Feminists" as "Feminazis" who have hijacked the "Classical Feminism" movement and sullied it's "reputation".

However, there is a big difference between the image of "Classical Feminism" and the reality of the movement.

The image we are given about "Classical Feminism" today, is that it is a 3-wave movement that started with the Suffragette movement. Yet this is where the myths and misrepresentations begin.

The "waves of Feminism" is a Feminist construct to manipulate society into giving Feminism an undeserved credit and legitimacy, by falsely tying it in with the legitimate Suffrage movement:

"The term first-wave was coined in March 1968 by Martha Lear writing in The New York Times Magazine, who at the same time also used the term "second-wave feminism". At that time, the women's movement was focused on de facto (unofficial) inequalities, which it wished to distinguish from the objectives of the earlier feminists."

There is no linguistic, historical or logical reason to see Feminism as a "wave" movement or being connected to the Suffragettes. The only reason why so many people use the "first-wave", "second-wave" and now "third-wave" terms, is because one Feminist told society to do so - and most everyone listened. For too long, the accuracy and legitimacy of Feminism has not been challenged enough.

Feminism is an extremist movement and the pioneers of Feminism were extremists.

Suffragettes fought for the "right to vote" while Feminists have always fought against women's choices.

While Suffragettes were petitioning congress for the right to vote, Feminists were petitioning beauty pageants, marriage and stay-at-home mothers - all women's choices.

1968: Members of New York Radical Women met in the office of the Southern Conference Educational Fund to plan their Miss America protest.

Feminism has always been centered around their rules, their roles and their quotas; Not freedom of choice.

Early Feminism already had sexist campaign slogans like "Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle"; "Mother Nature is a lesbian" and "We [women] are becoming the men we wanted to marry", letting men know from the very beginning, how much they were hated and unwanted by Feminists.

While some people see "Modern/Radical Feminism" as being completely different from "Early/Classical Feminism", the differences between Modern and Early Feminism are less than the differences between Modern and Early Christianity - yet we don't say "Waves of Christianity" to differentiate the time when Christians went on killing crusades compared to Christians today who fight all their battles legally. We also don't refer to early Christians as "radical" Christians, because the crusade wasn't limited to "radicals" in the context of it's time.

Feminism has always been an unnecessary radical movement that started after women already had equality to men. The Suffragettes hadn't had the right to vote because unlike men, they were not potentially giving their lives in return for the vote. Neither Feminists nor Suffragettes were denied the right to an education, work or the choice to not get married and become a mother based on nothing but their gender. In fact, most U.S. female firsts occurred before both, the Suffragette and the Feminism movements.

The average woman and man has a lot to lose by not being aware of the truth about Feminism.

Since Feminism is such a radical movement at it's core, it naturally attracts radical people and promotes the behavior that has come to be associated with "Feminazis". Not all people who call themselves "Feminists" today are "Feminazis", but most of the Feminists in charge of Feminism tend to be Feminazis.

Since Feminism is supported by mainstream media and constantly [purposefully] misrepresented, it has been allowed to foster and become even more radical with time; Despite the fact that most women still reject the sexist movement.

Too many people do not realize how radical Feminism has always been and this is why so many people perceive Modern Feminism as being so much more radical than Early Feminism. While in many ways, Modern Feminism is more radical than Early Feminism, this tends to be because Modern Feminists are the children and students of Early Feminists.

As long as people call themselves Feminists or spread the myths that there are "waves of Feminism" and/or that "Feminism was once needed", they are supporting [radical] Feminism and the Radical Feminists who run it.

Feminism self-proclaims to focus on the advocacy of "women's rights", which is inherently sexist and segregates women from everyone else.

Feminism isn't making things better, it's making things worse.

Feminism had 50 years to prove their value and they failed.

Groups like Feminism are focused on segregation and division.

Their tactics focus on harassment and attacks [while simultaneously playing the victim] rather than uniting, empowering or encouraging people.

It's time to let go of Feminism and give Egalitarianism/Humanitarianism a try.

Feminism is a lobbyist group for money and power, NOT a movement for helping women or society.