Monday, August 8, 2016

Why All Women Benefit From Prostitution

Upon reading this headline, you might be thinking this sounds crazy. This is not meant to make anyone uncomfortable but rather, show that it is good to put any and every illegal activity to a test of 1) The item/event is not physically harmful to people and 2) The item/event is manageable and can be used for the benefit of society. So, if you are willing to keep an open mind just long enough to put this platform to the test, it just might make some sense. If not, at least you'll have a better understanding of this subject. So how could every woman benefit from the legalization of prostitution?

Whether we like it or not, prostitution is a billion dollar industry with millions of "workers". It is prominent both, where it is legal and illegal. However, where it is legal, it also tends to be less of a problem for society; Even becoming a benefit.

1. Since it is, indeed, a billion dollar industry, taxing such a money-maker would bring in great revenue for schools, roads and other community responsibilities. Following the Nevada Model, "The average annual income of an employee at one Nevada brothel working only one week per month is at least $100,000 (Ayres). Based on this figure, each legally licensed sex worker would contribute more than $20,000 in federal income taxes per year."

2. It protects the prostitutes more by lowering the amount of unreported rapes and lowers the abuse of many women by their "pimps".

"As adults in prostitution, 82% had been physically assaulted; 83% had been threatened with a weapon; 68% had been raped while working as prostitutes; and 84% reported current or past homelessness [in San Francisco]."

By keeping prostitution illegal, we have created a "Wild West Outlaw" kind of lifestyle on any woman who has nothing else to turn to. Instead of regulating these women and creating the boundaries in which they must stay within, we have left them vulnerable to the wolves of the world. This has also created a great problem with human trafficking.

As long as the women who actually want to prostitute are not allowed to, the more women who do not want to prostitute are victimized and harassed as a result.

If the men know that they can just go pay for sex, from a woman who actually wants to take the money for sex, then they won't feel the need to hound women for sex who don't want to give it out - for free or for money anymore! This also means that when a man does go out of his way to talk to a woman, it'll be more likely for substance rather than for a release. This will build respect and trust between the sexes by getting rid of sexual pressures on both sides. (Not saying this will be true 100% of the time but it'll make a big positive difference.)

Similarly, it's an unspoken truth that while some women are far more sexual nowadays, many of the women wearing skimpy outfits are actually not very sexually active. This gets some men visually stimulated so they can't think straight and those women often take advantage of those men - intentionally or not. This is what leads to the "cat calls" and other behavior that some women feel uncomfortable with, as they have no other outlet. If the men can go to a prostitute, it gives them a more respectable and private outlet.

Furthermore, many men who do seek out prostitutes are often doing so because they do not want to pressure any non-prostitute women into anything they are uncomfortable with. Some men are virgins and like the no-pressure environment that a prostitute can provide them. Legalizing prostitution would help many young women face less pressure on giving up their virginity (or sex in general) before they are ready.

As much as it has benefited men and women to legalize abortion, so it would also benefit men and women to legalize prostitution. 
The argument is very similar for both: Just because someone is ready to have sex, doesn't mean they're ready to be a parent; Just because someone wants to have sex, doesn't mean they want or are ready to handle a committed relationship. What does it really matter if the man directly pays the woman or only pays for a couple of her drinks - or even dinner - beforehand? Especially if it's just a one-night-stand anyways?

4. It protects us all by lowering the overall rate of crime. Let's face it, some men need sex and can't get it. Even with the whores of today. These men who can't get a release, often get built up tension that makes them more prone to violence. It's uncomfortable but when they can get a release, it relaxes them and helps them focus and also lowers their rate of prostate cancer which is more common than breast cancer (but gets less attention because our society is sexist towards women).

For men, sex and violence are connected in the brain which means that when men go longer without sex, they tend to get more violent. When you combine this with the visual triggers of beautiful women wearing revealing outfits, it's enough to drive some men into violence or depression. So while some men lash out by drinking or working themselves to death or some other self-deprecating way; Other men lash out on the women around them that they feel so rejected by.

So this doesn't just lower the violence against women, but lowers the violence against everyone (especially women).

5. It protects anyone sexually active by lowering the rate of STDs. Once we legalize it, we can regulate it. Legal or not, prostitution is still a public health concern. Mandatory health check ups and protection would go a very long way in the fight against all STDs including HIV/AIDS.

"An April 2012 study by the Urban Justice Center found that New York City cops were actually using condoms found on women as evidence in criminal prostitution cases against them. It's easy to imagine how this practice might deter sex workers from carrying protection." - 7 Reasons Why America Should Legalize Prostitution

6. It protects children by lowering the rate of unwanted pregnancies and helps prevent children from growing up in such a non-family-friendly environment. It is a very sad and uncomfortable but also very real truth that some women who engage in illegal prostitution, do so with children in their home. The negative implications that this puts on any child is uncanny. What's even worse is that in some situations, single-mother prostitutes will turn to offering their children up as child prostitutes to make more money. Part of the reason for this is the fact that these women do not have legitimate jobs nor are they using protection. Legalizing and regulating prostitution significantly helps both of those factors.

7. It protects those who don't want to see prostitution by forcing you to seek out them out, rather than them seeking you out. So long as prostitution is illegal and there is no place to go, the prostitutes will do their best to go wherever they can find customers. This means being in public places near malls/shopping centers, schools and otherwise popular street corners etc. and proactively trying to seduce regular men going down the street. However, if we legalize and regulate prostitution then they will be hidden off in a building where the men who want them will have to seek them out, themselves. This is much better for children, families and husbands walking around in a community. If the women who prostitute know they can legally be looked up, there won't be a need for them to compete for attention from regular women in public who are looking for real romantic relationships.

8. It helps the prostitutes by giving them a much better (regulated, structured and legalized) opportunity. Study after study shows that many women who turn to prostitution do so because they feel they have nothing else. This is not saying that no women actually enjoy it and find it to be easy work, but that many women who do find themselves in this field didn't exactly have it as their first choice in mind. Instead of forcing them into an abusive cycle that can lead to drug abuse, or even suicide, and often includes jail and lots of taxpayer money, giving this job credibility allows these women to be productive and contributing members of society who are not forced down a spiral for the rest of their lives. In

Just as some men rely on jobs that depend on utilizing masculinity; So some women rely on jobs that depend on utilizing femininity. Prostitution falls into that category which is understandably uncomfortable for many women, but we don't keep those types of jobs away from men on the other side. We regulate and tax those jobs. Legalizing prostitution is actually a step towards equality for women in this way. It should be each woman's own choice, rather than others deciding for her, considering she is not trying to hurt anyone.

Many countries - including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Venezuela and more - have already acknowledged prostitution as a legal right and regulate it in some form or another.

9. It'll shift the "wage gap" in favor of women. First of all, I'm sure you've heard the "$0.79 on the dollar" argument that women make compared to men. This is not true and a feminist myth that doesn't account for many factors at all beyond gender, which makes it completely contrived and false. The real number is actually $0.85-0.99 depending on which factors you include (part-full time, job type, job field, time requested off, overtime, age, race, experience, etc). (Second SourceIf prostitution were legalized though, women might actually make more money than men (even by feminist math) because women get paid so much more than men when it comes to sex.

So after all of that careful thought and analysis of data, there is just one question:
Why aren't the feminist lobbyists standing up for this if they really stand up for all women?
Just like abortion, does this not equate to "a woman's right to choose with her own body"?