Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Women's March on D.C.: A Look At The Issues & Relation to Trump

On January 21st, 2016, a Women's March took place to raise awareness of some women's rights issues and oppose the new President Donald Trump.
Issues According to Women's March:

Ending Violence
*Women are grown adults who choose for themselves. Should they have resources for escaping abuse? Absolutely. Do they need lobbyists to create laws to make choices for them, the way we do for children who are not expected to be accountable for themselves? That's demeaning to the notion of women being equal to men. And even more shameful is the assertion that women are entitled to never facing violence, yet the Women's March doesn't make the same assertion for men or even children. They consider that a woman's entitlement, not a human right.

*Women are less likely to be convicted as well as get shorter sentences than men for doing the same crimes, in general. Despite the claim of an "imperative to dismantle the gender and racial inequities within the criminal justice system", women are not victims of police brutality and quite oppositely benefit from an inherent sexism to protect and believe women over men by police and society. The Women's March is not advocating for women to be arrested and face legal consequences more equal to men.

Despite inclusiveness of non-heterosexuals, the Women's March also doesn't tackle the fact that lesbian women reported levels of intimate partner violence and sexual violence equal to or higher than those of heterosexuals; Further disproving the notion that domestic violence is a man-on-woman issue.

As far as racial profiling and police brutality against minority groups, this has nothing to do with feminism - other than showing that feminism is decidedly anti-white male. The answers to police brutality in minority communities do not come in the form of feminism. If anything, feminists do more to perpetuate this problem than stop it with their encouragement of broken homes and single mothers.

Reproductive Rights
*The Women's March banned pro-life women from participating, the despite the fact that some pro-lifers are self-proclaimed feminists. Pro-lifers believe that they are fighting for human rights yet they aren't even invited to the discussion for having the wrong starting point.

Reproductive Rights are not a woman's issue, they are a religious issue. Women are more likely to support AND oppose abortion than men. This is because abortion is not a woman's right supported by women and opposed by men, but more of a religious issue supported by atheists and moderates and opposed by religious evangelicals. After all, Roe v. Wade was decided by an all-male supreme court.

The limits to abortion come from the difference of opinion about when life begins, not women's natural role to carry and give birth or opposition to women's right to not have to carry and give birth.

Some clinics offer free birth control, including PlannedParenthood. While advocates of the women's march claim that paying for birth control would be a "curb" on their reproductive rights, they do nothing to make condoms free for men. This is because modern women - especially the feminists - feel entitled to demand free birth control, disregarding the fact that men are not entitled to free birth control. Part of their excuse for this is that they claim pregnancy and abortion are solely female issues since women are the ones with the biological role to carry and give birth.

*Why is abortion a solely female issue? Why do feminists insist on rejecting men's rights to have any participation in their own reproductive rights? If a woman tricks a man into getting her pregnant (i.e. lying about being on birth control and offering casual sex), he has no right to do anything but be forced to pay for her theft of his DNA should she choose to not get an abortion. If the man wants to have the child that he may or may not believe already has life, he has no right or say in stopping the "death" of his child. The Women's March does nothing to protect father's rights or children's rights.

Reproductive freedom, according to the women's march, is only for women without any regard for the men and children involved because they feel women are entitled.

**President Trump, at most, would support abortion being a state's right to decide. This is not against women but against big government control. He has stated no plans to overturn Roe v. Wade.**

*LGBTQIAXOCUSW is really just a way of segregating society into two groups: traditional heterosexuals and everyone else. Instead of the confusingly long acronym, they might as well just call themselves the "non-heterosexual" group. At least 96% of Americans are heterosexuals, so this acronym also serves the purpose of manipulating perception to make the non-heterosexuals seem like a bigger group, in the hopes of making their "rights" a bigger issue.

*So what are these rights? "We must have the power to control our bodies and be free from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes." It's not illegal to be homosexual anymore, so the "power to control their own bodies" is already a right that they have.

*No one is entitled to be free from other people's opinions. That is NOT equality. The idea that being a non-heterosexual should allow someone to avoid any potentially offensive thought or remark is an immature and misguided conception. Heterosexual people - and all people, really - face societal norms, expectations and stereotypes every day. That is a part of life.

When someone really wants to achieve success, they will not let societal norms, expectations and stereotypes stop them; Just like the Suffragettes did not allow such trivial matters to stop them from earning the right to vote. This is yet another example of how the women today are so much weaker, emotionally, than the women before them. Women today claim that the women before them were so oppressed, yet those women complained a lot less while being much more successful and barrier-breaking than the women today. We have a freedom of opinion and a freedom to judge others - it's what helps us make our decisions and keeps us from choosing a bad decision over a good one. Judging people is what makes us human and gives us a moral background; For some, it even makes us stronger and push through our obstacles with more incentive.

The Women's March encourages people who find themselves on the outside of societal norms not to prove themselves with their own merit, but to wither and cripple, presenting oneself as weak enough to deserve special treatment (like children get). This is an embarrassment to anyone seeking equality and social progress.

Worker's Rights
*The gender pay gap is not transparent. Age, Education, Experience, Health & Other Benefits, Overtime Hours, Parental Status (Including Amount of Children), Part-Time Hours, Vacation/Time Off, Willingness to Negotiate Pay or Ask for Raise, Type of Work (Field, Responsibilities, Conditions [including safety]) are all factors that are not included in the alleged gender pay gap.

*"Access to affordable childcare" is a harmful and illegitimate pursuit. To force a family that makes the sacrifices to have a stay-at-home parent or who make the choices to wait to have a child until they are financially responsible and stable enough to sustain a child, should not be forced to pay for the bad decisions and circumstances of those who did not make the same choices.

If you look into child psychology and the proven negative long-term effects of day careyou will find that it's not about the quality of the day care center, it's about the fact that children need the undivided attention of a constant caregiver to properly develop their emotions and social skills.

"A Harvard Longitudinal Study found that daycare children are significantly disadvantaged in later life by the inability to form psychological attachments. The younger the age at which children are put in daycare, the worse is this effect."

None of this matters to those in the Women's March though, because they want women to be entitled to make any decision they want, regardless of who is negatively affected by it - including innocent children - as well as force others to pay for it.

*Women having "equity" in terms of sick days should mean that women will stop asking for more sick days than men. After all, women take almost 50% more short-term sick leave than men. Yet again, the Women's March doesn't care about real equality but women's entitlement. Women take more sick days so the Women's March advocates for women to be entitled to what they want to do.

*The idea that gender, along with other factors, should have no bearing on health costs is in itself, sexist. After all, women have different costs than men because they have different problems and different solutions. Part of this stems from women being lucky enough to live longer than men on average, while another part of this stems from women using significantly more health services.

And remember, the Women's March claims to recognize, accept and celebrate differences in men and women - except of course when it disadvantages women despite turning a blind eye when men are disadvantaged.

*Paid family leave is another sign that men and women are just not equal. When men made up the majority of the workplace, they did not receive paid family leave. This is another example of feminism and the Women's March only focusing on that which affects women and not anyone else. True equality to men would mean women asking for less paid family leave altogether.

*Healthy work environments were never a male luxury. In fact, when men made up the majority of the workforce, the work environment was far less safe and far more dangerous. Even still today, more men work the dangerous blue-collar jobs than women, while feminists only advocate for women in white-collar jobs, still complaining about an environment not being up to their personal standards and blaming it on sexism rather than acknowledging how much men have sacrificed and put up with in the workplace to provide for themselves and families - something that most women in America were spared from.

This Women's March only cares about getting involved in shortcomings in the workplace when it disadvantages women, despite men having spent far more time in the workplace overall than women. (Yet another point for entitlement because the Women's March believes women - not men - are entitled to better working environments and privileges.)

Civil Rights
*Voting rights haven't been a civil rights issue since women received the right to vote in 1920.

*The First Amendment has covered freedom of worship and speech since 1791.
It's a sham that the Women's March is claiming to stand up for rights that we already have.

*The Equal Rights Amendment was originally written in 1923 by Alice Paul. The biggest reason the Equal Rights Amendment has yet to pass over the last 90+ years is opposition by women. The divisiveness related in women's opinion of the ERA stems from the fact that some women want to be the same as men while other women want to be equal but different from men.

In the 1920s, the Women's Joint Congressional Committee, believed that these gender-based benefits protected women and that the loss of such protection would not be worth the supposed gain in equality. In general, middle-class elements supported the ERA, and working-class elements (and the labor movement) opposed it. The League of Women Voters, formerly the National American Woman Suffrage Association, opposed the Equal Rights Amendment until 1972, fearing the loss of protective labor legislation.

The Equal Pay Act of 1963 banned wage disparity based on gender discrimination. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned workplace discrimination based on sex, as well as race, religion and national origin. So when the ERA was pushed again in the 1960's, it was again faced by opposition from women. This time, the STOP ERA campaign was led by a female lawyer named Phyllis Schlafly. Also, two female representatives of labor unions voiced opposition to the ERA, arguing that it would threaten protective legislation based on gender difference.

Here are just some of the concerns of the Equal Rights Amendment that warranted female opposition:
  • The ERA does not protect women against involuntary military service; Require women to register to the military draft equal to men. 
  • The ERA asserts gender over all other factors in some financial matters including: cost, effectiveness, experience, proven gender-differences, choice preferences, merit, talent/skills and others. [Especially healthcare costs as mentioned above.]
  • The ERA could eliminate gender-specific bathrooms, locker rooms, prisons, dorms, sports teams and other public facilities and programs.
  • The ERA could take away or change the traditional benefits in the law for wives, widows and mothers including social security benefits.
  • The ERA could eliminate programs that are gender-specific, if they do not provide an equal alternative for the opposite gender, or impose financial penalties. [Example: A high school must spend equal money on a boy's football team and girl's football team. If there are not enough girls who want to play football to make up a team, the boy's team will be eliminated or forced to accept girls - raising the risk of injury and insurance costs,etc.]
Although most women and people support equal rights for women, they do not support The Equal Rights Amendment because it goes beyond equal rights for women. The ERA pushes to make women the same as men, not equal to. The ERA ignores the biological and inherent differences between men and women.

So why does the Women's March advocate for the ERA while hypocritically claiming to accept, recognize and celebrate the differences between women and men?

**It is completely unfounded to believe that President Trump would do anything to regress the First Amendment in anyway. If anything, it is President Trump - a champion of political incorrectness - who represents the fight NOT to curb the First Amendment, especially compared to the feminist groups trying to limit this freedom. He has had to deal with many fascist protesters trying to shut down the right of he and his supporters to exercise their First Amendment.**

Disability Rights
*This assertion by the Women's March is that women need to be protected and treated special, given extra privileges simply based on their gender. After all, they don't say a single thing about men with disabilities and Deaf men, especially when men have a lesser chance of relying on a woman providing for him financially than a woman does of a man providing for her financially. After all, a stay-at-home husband is more likely to be divorced by his wife than breadwinner husband.

*It's great that the Women's March would want to help women with disabilities, except that they turn it into a sexist issue by focusing only on women with disabilities and not men with disabilities. This again, goes back to the Women's March being more about women's entitlement and special privileges over equality and another reason why the Women's March is a slap in the face towards real gender equality and egalitarianism.

**It is completely unfounded to believe that President Trump would do anything to regress the rights of disabled and/or deaf citizens - female or male.**

Immigrant Rights
*Migration is not a human right, it's a privilege. Most countries outside of America have tougher immigration laws than the United States.

*When a legal male American citizen rapes a woman, the Women's March has no problem believing that human being is illegal. This is another example of the hypocrisy of the Women's March. Breaking the law is illegal, period. Immigrants have every right to meet the US immigration standards, which are not unreasonable, without having to break the law and be rewarded for it. No other crime has so much incentive to commit and rewards for committing it.

**It is completely unfounded to believe that President Trump is xenophobic and out to stop all immigration. All that President Trump wants to do, is reform immigration to make it more fair and equal, as well as beneficiary to all legal US citizens.**

Environmental Justice
*Why this is being considered an issue for the Women's March makes little sense but at least the issue itself actually makes sense.

In Conclusion:
The Women's March shows that women have fallen down a long way since the Suffragettes. Modern feminists have caused women to lose their strength, durability, ability to truly overcome obstacles (not just deflect from them) and ability to discern petty trivial complaints to legitimate legal obstacles.

The facts show that women are in control of their own lives and situations, and therefore should be able to take accountability for their choices. Unfortunately, the Women's March is an embarrassment to women, showing that they're not ready for accountability nor true equality. They are not accountable to the facts of President Trump, the facts of U.S. laws, or their own choices as adults. Where the Suffragettes fought for a legitimate right and choice, the modern feminists in the Women's March demand conformity based on their own feelings and opinions about things, limiting the rights of others to choose to think and act differently than them without consequence.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. For decades, feminists have made the same false complaints over and over and expecting a different result.

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